Web registration closed!

But, fear no more! If you couldn't register before you will still be able to come to Furrnion. It will be possible to register at the con for the three days (150€), for just Friday (75€) or just for Saturday (95€).

Even though we will try to have enough material for all of you it is not guaranteed that we'll be able to provide it to at-the-door attendees as we don't know how many "surprise" furs will come yet. But the con will remain the same and you will still be able to enjoy it!

Need to know what't Furrnion about? Start here:

Last News


The time is getting closer and we want to make a short summary of all and each aspect and important news you should know: – Last day to upload your avatar to the website is 1st April – 8th April. If you already done it, check it is as you wish. -Just like last year, […]


The story of Toledo the cat

This is Toledo One day, Madrid Felina, the NGO Furrnion colaborates with, received a call. There was a cat in need. He was dragging his back legs. They got to work in no time! As soon as they found Toledo, they took him to the vet. The poor kitty had atrophy on his backbone, leukemia […]


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