This is the alphabetic list of Furrnion’s Activities and Events. It doesn’t include activities meant for fursuiters, that have their own page! We’ll update this one frequently as we settle new activities.


Banner Brawl

The ultimate clash of titans! Some of your most revered artists knee deep in the art brawl of their lives! They will try and out-art each other amidst the raging hordes of cheering fans!

Host: Loeches

Furs got Talent

Do you have a natural ability? Amazing magician? Impressive dancer? Impervious juggler? this is your chance! Show us what only you can do!

Hosts: Mr Ryan and jury

Disco – Dance – Party

Are your feet less still tan Happyfeet’s? is your home’s ringing doorbell enough for you to break into the wildest dancing? Dance floor is calling! It’s like Saturday Night Fever, but on Friday!

And if what you want is to host a DJ session yourself, click here to let us know! We only need you to bring your own final equipment (laptop and mixing table if needed)

Resident DJ’s: Sagi, Sparks, Ishix, DjEricFoxFurry

Group Photo

What a memento to show to future generations! To be able to say “Look, I’m the one at the rear”.

Hosts: Deivi


Gymkhana! Gymkhana! Gymkhana! Picture racing the bulls but with obstacles! Show your abilities in front of an audience in crazy and silly quests and tasks that make entire crowds cheer! Juicy prizes. What else could you ask for?

Hosts: Sagi


Is your singing better than David Beckham’s? Do you collect Grammys just for yawning? Dive in, grab the microphone and Let it goooo Let it goooooo…!!!

Host: Mr. Ryan

Snack Exchange

You came to this country for the fandom. You will stay for the food.

Share something from your place with the rest! Everybody that brings something from their countries or regions will have free access to this event, and those that don’t will only have to donate 5€ to the charity so at least they could help feed the kittens!

Hosts: Furrnion

My First Con

How did you get here?  Well, You are new here! We’ll give you some tips!

Host: Shift Element

Live Auction

That pic in the Art Show or the poster that could cover the hole on the wall in your room surely caught your eye. Bid in the auction and bring a souvenir with you!

Host: Zorru & Jayfri

Fursuit Parade

Ready for the parade? Take your fursuit and come to the fursuit parade inside the hotel and show everyone your moves along with other fursuiters!



A section for boardgames lovers. We will get back in time and leave our phones aside to enjoy many traditional boardgames and not so traditional. There will be a great variety to choose and you can always bring yours. We ask attendees to take care of the material and do not cheat!

Hosts: Sagi

Artist Alley

Every artist needs his space and time to bring his creativity out. This is the perfect place where you can meet other artists and draw all the commissions you were ask during the convention calmly.


The Writer’s Den

Ah! The poetry and stories. Words. Those big not-so-known arts nowadays that not so many people manage to dominate. Either writer or reader, you can get cosy along with other attendees interested in the topic. You will surely find a new author or make yourself known.

Hosts: Blaya

Mannequin Challenge

Will you be able to stay quiet during a long time as if you were a mannequin with a not so common pose? Prove in the mannequin challenge! Think about your most funny, epic and weird pose and join!

Speed Dating

Meeting someone is easier than you think. But…What if you only have five minutes to know if that person is interesting for you? It is not that easy anymore, although it will be fun trying to get to know someone without messing it up. If you mess it up, calm down! Maybe your date is the next one… or the next of the next. You will have enough people to choose from.

Hosts: Sagi

Castle Invaders

After a surprise attack, the survivors of a kingdom have received the order of abandoning the castle, who will manage to escape?

Get into this live role-playing game and show your skills. The number of spots is limited!

Hosts: Sagi

Escape The Room

A horrible movie which was so bad that now it’s considered cult movie arrives to Furrnion. Now it’s your turn to escape from it.

Hosts: Sagi, Jayfri, Blaya