Furrnion’s Ambassadors

This year we have a brand new kind of staff: the ambassadors!

As their name implies, they’re Furrnion’s official representatives for their country or zone. They also got the power of giving discounts to our attendees beyond our borders. We all want Furrnion to grow and to be one of Europe’s biggest cons! And they’re going to do their best to help us achieve it.

These are Furrnion II’s ambassadors. Get in touch with them For up to a 5% additional discount on your registration. You will only have to ask them for their code!

America: Paco Panda

Furry artist from Mexico. Full time panda.
You can find and talk to him on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/panda_paco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pandapaco389
Deviantart: http://pandapaco.deviantart.com/
Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pacopanda/

Central Europe: Shifty

Otter from Switzerland, Fursuiter, PM friendly, likes feeesh
You can find and talk to him on:
Telegram : @shiftelement
Twitter : @shiftelement
Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shiftelement/

France: Stormy

Just that lazy French cat
You can find and talk to him on:
Telegram : @Stormyfag
Whatsapp : +33631735617
Twitter : @Stormyfag

Italy: Bryan Don Cordepuma

Just a random Italian bud in love with beer and fun with people, known for cursing a lot in Italian, use at your own risk.
You can find and talk to him on:
Telegram: @Bryan_TC88
Twitter: @BryanTheCougar

Northern Europe: Aslan Nolya

A karaoke-happy wolf from the cold North
You can find and talk to him on:
Telegram: @Aslan_of_valedge
Twitter: @Aslannolya

Portugal: Armendariz & Griffin Bandida

Two furs bounds together by their love of anthropomorphic characters, silly comics, and tortillas. These first generation portuguese furs were shy by nature, until the call of Furrnion showed their true path of conquering Spa- eeer, of helping bring Pasteis de Nata and Porto Wine to the knights of Spain.
You can find and talk to them on:

Telegram: @ArmendarizLH @griffin6
Twitter: @GriffinMorgen
FurAffinity/Weasyl: Armendariz / griffinbandida
Facebook: griffin.morgenstern.5

United Kingdom & Ireland: Moof

Founding member of Team Pupper, Blue Doggo, Likes Undies, Chasing Balls & Being a Good Boy. If I sound like ‘the one’ then contact me using one of the methods below.
You can find and talk to him on:
Telegram: @Moofy
Twitter: @PuppyMoof
Team Pupper Chat (Telegram): https://t.me/joinchat/BwSGVgyK2bC8j4aE0hQlGA