Art Show

The Art Show is the place where your art is displayed! Its main function is to provide artists with a public showcase for their finest pieces of art. From a sketch to a marble statue, sky’s the limit! And for those with a sharp eye for business, they can sell them too!

There are some conditions that you must be aware of, though:

  • Bringing and safekeeping your art up to the Con is your exclusive responsability. If you are not attending, you must designate an official representative who will act in your behalf and be the the sole responsible of your art until it reaches the Con and once it departs the Con. In the same fashion, your representative will be the sole responsible of managing any earning from your art.
  • Furrnion will not be held accountable of any damage inflicted to the exposed arts. However, Furrnion will take all the reasonable measures to ensure the protection of the exposed arts. Rules will be enforced, and since this year it’s gonna share space with the Dealer’s Den, it will be fairly and constantly monitored.
  • Furrnion’s exclusive duty is to provide an exhibition space for art. The terms of any possible purchase are exclusively the artist’s and buyer’s business.
  • Whereas Furrnion will try to provide means to better expose art, it is the artist’s duty to provide showcases, exhibit frames and any other item to improve the visibility of their own art. Furrnion reserves the right to inspect such items to determine their acceptability for use.
  • The artist (or representative) is the sole responsible to establish the opening bid’s ammount (if applicable), percentage for charity and any other conditions deemed necessary per item. The buyer has the obligation of collecting the art and pay the final ammount. Both parts agree and accept to exempt Furrnion from any accountability should the final transaction fails to happen in the previously agreed terms.
  • Furrnion reserves the right to refuse admission or to retire any piece in display should a sufficently powerful reason advices it.

General rules and art contents:

When it comes to display your art in the Art Show, be aware of these rules:

  1. Any piece of art must be furry-related.
  2. Any kind of art is acceptable as long as it doesn’t cause damage to property or poses a risk for personal safety.
  3. Original and limited pieces (such as original hand drawn pics) will have priority.
  4. Pieces of the same artist may be separated in different categories (such as clean, mature or adult).
  5. All not-100%-clean art will be held in Furrnion’s shop in the Dealer’s Den. Every attendee will be able to request checking those pieces out under demand, so they can decide whether to bid for them.
  6. Except in special case-by-case situations, access to electric supply can’t be assured. Should exposed pieces require electrical supply, tell Furrnion in advance and preferedly bring autonomous power supply (batteries).
  7. Watermarked pieces are not allowed.
  8. Any piece depicting characters not owned by you must be accompanied by the explicit approval of the author of those characters. Failure to produce such approval will result in the piece rejected for sale.
  9. References, reproductions or copies of someone else’s works are not admisible. The pieces must be entirely original. (acceptable exception: when the reproductions are from the artist’s own original work and they are unmistakingly marked as PRINTS).
  10. If a piece requires a complex support, let Furrnion know well in advance. Otherwise, Furrnion can’t assure it will have the proper means to be properly showcased.
  11. Any decoration or embelishment must not hide any part of any other piece.
  12. Each and every piece of art must have an identification tag where the artist ownership and any other data deemed necessary must be clearly visible. This tag may be a sticker or any other kind, but it must remain attached to the piece at all times.
  13. Any piece of visual art (sketches, hand drawn pics…) must be framed or protected, and provided with means to be hung from walls or vertical displays. Should those pieces be handed in without such means, Furrnion will understand that the artist has given full and explicit consent to the use of any means necessary to hang the piece from walls or vertical displays, even if this means using on it duct tape, stickers, tacks…Furrnion will not be held accountable for any damage this may cause to the piece.

Art for sale

A bidding system will be used as follows.

Beside each piece there will be a bidding document. At the end of the art show, the highest bid will win the piece. Two extra considerations must be taken into account:

  • If the bidding document has been completely used, that piece will be taken directly to the live auction. If the piece has had no bids, arrangements should be made to cover this eventuality. Unless the artist has given espefcific instructions to wether or not move the piece to the live auction, staff members will make this decission.
  • Artists are encouraged to donate a percentage they deem fit to charity. Furrnion will ensure to transfer any benefit to charity.

More detailed conditions will be available soon, along with the Art Show form. Keep an eye on our social networks for the latest updates!


Where: Plaza Santiago Room Annex

  • Thursday, from 22 to 1h. (Setup)
  • Friday, from 9 to 11h. (Setup)

Where: Con-Ops
When:Sunday, from 9 to 13h and from 15 to 17h. (Unsold art Pickup and sold art artist payout)