All artists in the world are invited to send some art to feature in Furrnion’s ConBook. Attendance to the Con is not mandatory (although highly encouraged!) to contribute to it, so… why not?

These are the guidelines your art would need to meet:

  • Minimum of 300 dpi resolution
  • CYMK mode (it’s meant for being printed. If you send images in RGB mode it’s possible that some light, contrast and colors will be altered during conversion)
  • Full Color
  • Max size of DIN-A4 (except if you’re submitting a cover proposal, in which case the ONLY admitted size would be DIN-A3)
  • Subject and content must be suitable for all audiences
  • In those pieces that don’t include a background, a transparent-background version is prefered. Plain-color or too simple backgrounds may be removed by our ConBook design team.
  • All provided content will be regulated under the Creative Commons CC BY -NC-ND 3.0 ES license, so we’ll need to get all needed information from you.
  • It’s not mandatory to include our mascots in the art, but if you do, please try to follow their references’ directions.

Due to the interest we know this will arise amongst you, we can’t assure that all of the art that you’ll send will be published in this year’s ConBook, but we’ll try our best to include it!

Send your art anytime to !