Dealer’s Den / Artists’ Alley

The Dealer’s Den is where artists and dealers offer their creations during the Con.

The Artists’ Alley is where traditional artists hang out to draw and also make business while they’re at it.


How can I take part in the Dealer’s Den or the Artists’ Alley?

Once you’re registered to Furrnion, go to ‘My Orders’ section and request your Dealer’s Den (from 2o€) or Artists’ Alley space (for free) there.


May I use my Dealer’s Den space just to show my portfolio and do traditional sketches/comissions?

No! That’s what the Artist Alley is for. We’re aware that not everybody prints stickers, or sell prints, or need a tablet to draw. We’re also aware that many artists just want to be there for an hour or two, and then enjoy the con.


May I use my Artist’s Alley space to do digital art?

You might, but access to power plugs won’t be guaranteed in the Artists’ Alley. You’d rather apply for a Dealer’s Den slot instead.


Do I have to sell physical stuff?

No! Dealers sometimes use their space to promote and explain an event, a new website, or any other thing that may be of use or interest to attendees. Nothing will stop you from using your space for that! But while you’re at it, make business cards or sell or give out stickers about your stuff.


What kind of items may I offer for sale in the Dealer’s Den?

Be imaginative! Comics, plushies, prints, any and everything related to the fandom! Here you have some ideas:

  • General or customized badges.
  • Prints of your own art, framed or not.
  • Comissions: your stand may aswell be just you sitting down with your drawing equipment and offering live comissions. If you prefer digital media, we got you covered too! Electric power and WiFi will be available.
  • Jewelry.
  • Fursuits, items/materials/tools for fursuit manufacture/maintenance, fursuit elements (tails, ears…)
  • Figurines, buttons, stickers, bookmarks…
  • Promotional Flyers or merchandise about websites, software or other events that may be interesting for the community.


Mind the Fan Art!

Fanart is any item that includes or is based on someone else’s work. Using third party’s intelectual property without their specific approval may be illegal. Beware of the Copyright infringement!

We trust in our dealers. We trust that none of your offered products will constitute a copyright violation. If that happens to be the case, full accountability will fall upon the dealer, exclusively. Furrnion will not be involved in any way. When in doubt, don’t sale, don’t buy!


Not allowed items:

The Dealer’s Den allows adult material (+18) to be sold (with case-by-case exceptions), as long as it is kept in separate folders or containers that visitors can request to check out privately, unmistakingly marked as such. It is strongly recommended that controversial themes and motifs are kept in separate, also clearly labeled folders or containers.

Objects that are not allowed for sale, under any circumstances, are:

  • Any item that infringes the Spanish law.
  • White or fire weapons, or any realistic replica.
  • Those that include symbology that encourages hatred or discrimination.
  • Drugs of any kind, whether legal or illegal.
  • Any product created with real animal skin or fur, including taxidermy and clothing (Leather items are permitted).
  • Sexual-related toys and paraphernalia.
  • Any product explicitly forbidden by hotel regulations such as outside food and drinks, except when specifically approved by Furrnion.

Furrnion’s board of directors reserves the right to inspect, check and, if necesary, remove any product or item in conflict with the aforementioned rules. Inspect your own items in advance! That will avoid misunderstandings and uneasy situations! Again, when in doubt, ask.


Once the Con is underway, how is the Dealer’s Den managed?

You can check The Dealer’s Den location and opening times at the bottom of this page. Dealers will have enough time to set up their stands and to take them down after closure. Outside those times, the Dealer’s Den will be locked and secured.

Most dealers prefer to decorate their stands to better offer their products. That’s not only absolutely free, but you’re encouraged to do so: clothes, regalia, signs, lighting… The only limit is your imagination. Seriously now, the only restriction is to avoid disturbing the rest of dealers/customers (i.e., you are not allowed to use swords or sharp objects, to block or restrict access to emergency exits, banners too large that will invade the dealer’s next to you’s space, and so forth).


Is there going to be access to power lines in my space? What could I plug?

Each Dealer’s Den space will have an assigned power line with 2 PLUGS to connect a max of 2 DEVICES that don’t consume more than 100W combined. For example: a laptop and an extra 24″ LED monitor.

Artist Alley spaces won’t have any plug. Bring your powerbank if your cell phone is running low!


Policy and Regulation


  1. Each Dealer will sign a legal agreement upon arrival to the Den, and will be able to assign a single assistant per table or additional assigned space. Their identity, functions, obligations and privileges will appear in that agreement.
  2. Signing up for the Dealer’s Den will mean the right to use the assigned space during all the time the Den is open to the public. That’s why it’s recommended that the Dealer assigns an assistant, with whom they will be able to share their space at all times, or only whenever they’re going to be absent (bathroom or food breaks, for example).
  3. Those that requested space, but who hasn’t gotten it, will be put into a waiting list, and will be informed about their assigned space if some becomes available for them.
  4. If a Dealer finally doesn’t wish to make use of their space, they will have to cancel it before March 1st 2018, so the Organization can contact the next Dealer in the Waiting List and if there’s a deal, they will get a full refund. Cancellations made later than March 1st are not refundable, but they can be transferred to another dealer  (and they can pay you what you paid for your spot)
  5. Full tables are never refundable, but they can be transferred. 
  6. If you don’t show up to claim your space, or you leave it empty at any given time before the closing hour, or you leave it without anybody to attend it for more than one hour, you might be excluded to participate in future editions of the Den.
  7. Even though we’ll do our best to take care of the Den’s security, The Organization will not be held responsible of eventual damage or substraction of material present in the Dealer’s space. Be always careful about your valuable stuff, specially your money.

Dealer’s Den Schedule

Where: Villa de Pinto and Plaza Santiago Rooms

  • Thursday, from 22 to 1h. (Setup)
  • Friday, from 9 to 11h. (Setup)
  • Friday, from 12 to 20h. (Open to visitors)
  • Saturday, from 9 to 10h. (Setup)
  • Saturday, from 10 to 18h. (Open to visitors)

Artists’ Alley Schedule

Where: Tent

  • Friday, from 12 to 22h.
  • Saturday, from 10 to 22h.