Fursuit Parade

One of the most anticipated and colorful events of any con! It´s all about parading!

Let the others bask in the glory of your fursuit! Let them take photos of your regal majesty while you stroll along with your friends! This is your chance to shine. Parade itinerary will depend on many factors, including the weather, but wether your fursuit is self made or a tailored comission, this is your moment: if you have it, flaunt it!

The Fursuit Parade isn’t improvised. It is throughly planned and duly announced. Before it starts the itinerary is set up, marked and checked in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Once it’s on, our staff will carry both refreshments and medical supplies should anyone have a heat stroke.

And at the end of the parade, a fine delicacy: the official Con’s Groupal Photo! everyone will be gathering up there: fursuiters, attendees, dealers, staff, everyone! So the day after tomorrow you will proudly show that photo to future furry generations and brag of having been to the first spanish furcon!

Place: Starting from Avenida Room
Horario: Saturday, from 12 to 13h.