Registrations for Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den are open

Registrations for Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den are open! We have news this year. Since there won’t be only a Dealer’s Den but also an Artist Alley.

For those who may be confused:


The Artists Alley is a space for producing traditional art, meant for those who mainly want to draw and make commissions (although there’s no problem if they want to bring stickers, prints or other items to sell). It will be free and won’t require a commitment of staying put in your place for the whole day.


The Dealer’s Den is the place meant for mainly selling physical items, expose and sell them to the public, or producing digital art (since it will have access to electric power). This year, due to a high demand, the basic spot will have a symbolic price of 20€.


Remember that if you have items to sell and you want to draw as well, your choice is Dealer’s Den.


To request a spot, you will find a form in “My account” on “My orders