Dealer’s Den Expansion!

Due to the unexpected high number of Dealer’s Den requests –despite having the Artist Alley novelty–, we are out of free spots, so we decided to expand it. We will restructure the halls and use Don Manuel, which we used last year for the Art Show and other activities.

Furrnion II will have a Dealer’s Den 1/3 times bigger than last edition, besides the Artist Alley –we remind you that traditional artists will sell all sort of traditional art (badges, sketches, prints…) there. In total, we will use more than twice the space compared to last year.

In the attached image you can see the den’s provisional setup (subject to change depending on the occupied tables’ final ammount).

We already know some were anxious and feared to be without a spot in the Dealer’s Den. Worry not! Whoever wants to get a spot, can do it and that’s what we are trying to with the restructuring. We are keeping the Art Show as well as the activities –we will inform you soon. We are reorganizing everything the best as possible as the circumstances require. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding!

Keep an eye to our updates. We will announce more exciting things!