The story of Toledo the cat

This is Toledo

One day, Madrid Felina, the NGO Furrnion colaborates with, received a call. There was a cat in need. He was dragging his back legs. They got to work in no time! As soon as they found Toledo, they took him to the vet. The poor kitty had atrophy on his backbone, leukemia and dehydration, apart from some abscesses. However, Madrid Felina did not surrender and tried its best.

Even then, Toledo was a very nice cat, he allowed to be took in arms. It is actually a complicated case because he had been dragging his back legs for a long time. Toledo had his backbone crushed but we can never surrender. Madrid Felina decided to keep that till the end.

Toledo lived terribly for long but the determined spirit from the NGO and the cat itself is remarkable. Thanks to its rehab and to the laser, his condition and movility got better. He can get on his paws and walk as he manages to. You know it was worth it when you see such a progress in a cat like this. The hopes to live and get caressed are incredible, even after whatever he has suffered in the street for so long.

Toledo is now able to walk and we are all very happy. Toledo is now looking for a home to complete the happy ending this story deserves