The time is getting closer and we want to make a short summary of all and each aspect and important news you should know:

– Last day to upload your avatar to the website is 1st April – 8th April. If you already done it, check it is as you wish.

-Just like last year, we have an open doors day. Check the details here

– You can enjoy a menu consisting of paella at the disco for 12€ on Saturday 21 st if you preregister or 15€ if you sign up there. To preregister, go to My account – My orders and you’ll find the form there. Free for sponsors olé.

– Meet the NGO Furrnion helps and Toledo’s story, a very brave cat. More info here

– Check out the activities, some of them need a preregistration to have more chances to participate. You can sign up to some other activities at the convention.

– Furrystar: sign up to the karaoke contest, you can send your songs you want to sing and be star competing with other furs but if you prefer not to participate, there will be a free karaoke later. Sign up here.

– Keep in mind that you can show your art so everyone can see it in our Art Show.

– If you have the talent, you still have time to demonstrate it in our Talent Show.

– The furrylimpics: enjoy with other fursuiters playing and passing trials. Sign up here right now!