Registration for Artists Alley and Dealer’s Den to be open soon

As we previously anticipated, registrations for Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley  will open soon, exactly on January 3rd at 12pm (noon) UTC+1 (CET)! In our previous edition there was only the first one, which made the role of both. For this year’s there will be two different spaces.

For those who may be confused:

The Artists Alley is a space for producing traditional art, meant for those who mainly want to draw and make commissions (although there’s no problem if they want to bring stickers, prints or other items to sell). It will be free and won’t require a commitment of staying put in your place for the whole day.

The Dealer’s Den is the place meant for mainly selling physical items, expose and sell them to the public, or producing digital art (since it will have access to electric power). This year, due to a high demand, the basic spot will have a symbolic price of 20€.

What happens if you want to make both -sell items and traditional commissions? The most convenient option is the Dealer’s Den because it will be the main place to expose items apart from pics, but this is no obstacle for drawing.

Keep in mind that assignations will go by first in, first served. So be quick and don’t waste a minute more!

To register for either go to “My orders” once it’s open.

And last, but not least, remember that the 20% off on Furrnion’s basic registration expires tonight at 23:59 (CET, UTC+1)

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Furrnion is closer as time goes intrepid travelers. May the Knight Bertin guide you in this adventure!