Registrations, pre-registrations and much more

We’re warming up! We mean… harness our horses because Furrnion is close. That’s why it’s time for you to know some important things:

Dealer’s Den: There’s 5 spots left; if you had any doubts to bring your art & items to sell, you still have a chance.

Preregistrations for Artist’s Alley: This year we have an exclusive place for those who only want to draw and take commissions, it’s limited though! Go to “My account” -> “My orders” and you will find the form there.

Add who is with you in the room: Remember that the room is booked by a single person, but it’s necessary to tell who you will be sharing it with. It’s simple, go to “My account” -> “My orders” and you’ll find the link for room booking.

Register the items you want to be in the Auction: It’s important that you let us know which items you want to get auctioned. You’ll find the form in “My account”.

Keep track to the activity registrations!:  You can register for the Talent Show in “My Account” -> “Event sign up”! More registrations will be open soon. The capacity of participants is limited, if you’re willing to participate, it’s important to register yourself in it quickly.