¿Hay límite de edad?

No minors are accepted this time. You must be 18 years of the age at the moment of the Con.

There is no maximum age to attend, though!


¿Qué documentos necesito?

For EU nationals, only your national ID is required. If you want to be extra sure, your Passport or driving license will do too.

For non EU nationals, your Passport is mandatory.

At any rate, your ID/Passport data and the ones you provided in your registration form must match. If they don´t, additional identity evidence may be required and access to the Con may not be granted. Under no circunstance making the registration in behalf of another person will be accepted.


¿Puedo cancelar mi reserva?

You may cancel your reservation at any time, but registration fees are not refundable in any case. Furrnion needs funds to set up the Con. It´s not the same setting up a Con for 10 than 50, 100 or 500 guests.

You may, however, transfer your registration to someone else. For that, you must send us the data of the person attending in your place, and a means to contact that person to confirm the transfer. Wether you want that person to pay you the registration cost or make it a gift, it´s between you and that person.

Remember that, if you already have booked the hotel room, you must let them know your intent to transfer the room reservation to someone else, in the same fashion you have to do with us, or simply cancel the reservation according to the hotel terms.


¿Puedo pagar la reserva por otra persona?

Absolutely! But you must provide that person´s data in the registration form. Remember, at the Con registration that person´s ID data and his/her registration data must match perfectly.


¿Puedo pagar una vez en el hotel?

It might be possible to do so, but it is highly discouraged. Attendance fees may be higher than during the online registration, and again, if is possible at all! We can not assure that it may be possible.

Furthermore, since the hotel is fully booked for the Con, you are risking yourself to come to the Con and find out there are no rooms left at all.

Just don´t risk yourself. It´s not worth it, really. Sign up as soon as you can, it´s the best way. There are a ton of reasons to register online:

  • If you pay it all up front, you have the rest of the time to save up and buy the coolest stuff at the Con!
  • The sooner you register, the cheaper it will be. We´re offering juicy deals for the early bookers!
  • By registering in advance you are contributing to make a brigther, shinnier and more spectacular Con!

¿Qué formas de pago puedo usar?

You may use:

  • Wire transfer
  • Direct account deposit

We´re working on a secure online payment platform, so you may pay online with your credit card. Paypal is not accepted.


¿Cuántas personas pueden quedarse en mi habitación?

Access to any room is free as long as room guests agree and it´s temporary. Regarding staying the night at that room, only the persons registered for that room are allowed to do so. Hotel requires data of the number and identity of guests staying at each room, and will be crosschecked with Furrnion own database.

At any rate, presence of any number of people that exceeds the room maximum legal capacity is prohibited(i.e. if the maximum number of guests per room is 2, 3 or more people staying the night at that room is not allowed).

Everyone involved in the infringement of this rule, both official room guests and extra people, may be fined, or even expelled from the hotel and the Con.


¿Puedo compartir mi habitación?

When you register, you are just buy your attendance pass for the Con. Even if it´s highly recommended in order to live the full Con experience, you dont have to stay the night at the hotel. Also, we´ve got pretty nifty deals on hotel prices!

If you wish to book a hotel room, you may choose, depending on room availability: single, double, triple, quad rooms, or junior suites. Maximum number of guests per room is set by the hotel and it is not permitted to exceed it. Per Spanish law, all guests must display a means of personal identification at the check-in.

The reservation holder is the one who must pay the full price of the room, per hotel regulation. That means it´s his concern to collect each roommate´s share of the room price. Neither the hotel nor Furrnion will accept any liability in that process.


¿Qué harán con mis datos personales?

Furrnion will take your personal data under it´s custody, sharing them only with companies and institutions legally allowed and for organizational purposes only. Furrnion will never disclose them for commercial or distribution purposes.

The Asociación para el Fomento de la Cultura Antropomórfica Furrnion is a non profit, cultural society registered in spain, with CIF G87519385 and strictly compliant with the Data Protection Act (LOPD) and “Real Decreto 1720/2007, de 21 de diciembre, por el que se aprueba el Reglamento de desarrollo de la misma.”

You may find all the info in our website Política de Privacidad


¿Habrá seguridad? ¿Cómo se mantendrá el orden?

Furrnion has a fully staffed Security department that will be overseeing the Con. Medical emergency trained personnel is among its ranks aswell. You guys are in good paws!

Security is not the police. They are there to keep things smooth and to solve low level conflicts. In the undesirable event of a scalating situation, Authorities will be duly alerted. We want none of that, we all want to have a great time, so please, let us all remain in good mood and have fun!


¿Se pueden llevar armas?

Short answer: no. Longer version: find our weapons policy in this link: METERAQUIENLACEWEBINGLES


¿Se puede llevar armas de mentira?

Short answer: no. Longer version: find our weapons policy in this link: METERAQUIENLACEWEBINGLES


No soy artista, ¿Puedo vender arte en la convención aunque no sea mio?

No, you may only sell your own original art. Only exception being if you are an official representative with written autorization of other artists to sell their art in their behalf.


¿Debo pagar algo por exponer arte en el art show?

Short answer. yes (but it´s a really puny fee!)
Longer version: Terms and Conditions, including fees, for both Art Show and Dealer´s Den will be available soon.


¿Habrá arte o eventos para mayores de 18 en la convención?

They are allowed, but art must be in a sufficiently discreet folder properly labeled as “adult contents inside”. Regarding events, they must be carried out in properly identified enclosed areas.


¿Cómo sé que mi reserva se ha realizado correctamente?

Reservation process comprisses several stages:

Con Registration:

  1. Online registration. Here you will insert your personal data and choose the level of attendee you wish.
  2. Furrnion will send you a welcome email with a link to your invoice, along with payment instructions.
  3. If you have payed via wire transfer or direct deposit bank, we will monitor the transfer arrival every evening. Remember it may take up to 3 days for the transfer to take place. If you have used the online payment platform, we will receive it within the day.
  4. Once we have confirmed your payment, we wil send you the receipt and your attendee number. At the same time you will be granted access to particular sections of our website: forums, editing your data, prefferences (i.e., shirt size…), proposing or signing up for special events, signing up as fursuiter, requesting stands in the Dealer´s Den or the Art Show…
  5. Should your receipt fail to reach you and you are positive payment has taken place, please contact us and we will address this as soon as possible.

Hotel’s Booking (only needed if you wish to stay in the hotel):

  1. Once Registered for the Con, you’ll be able to request a room in the hotel.
  2. You will be provided with a link with a form where you’ll have to specify the type of room and the desired dates for checking-in and checking-out
  3. We’ll forward your request to the hotel, which will get in touch with you, either by phone or email, to settle with them directly the reservation.
  4. To guarantee your room, you’ll have to either give them your credit card details (in which case you can pay after the Con) or deposit the room’s ammount in the provided bank account in full.
  5. Cancellation of a room can be done up to 72 hours before the check-in date without charge (there will be a full refund if it has been payed before hand)
  6. Only one room’s reservation per person will be allowed.
  7. You are the only responsible of the payment with the hotel. I.E. if you book for a four-persons room, you’ll have to settle the deal privately before or after the con with your room mates. To avoid misunderstandings and uneasy situations with them, we recommend you to get their part in advance.

¿Realizará el hotel algún cargo adicional?

Hotel reserves the right to charge additional fees on your credit card as warrant deposit, should any food or service be requested to be charged on the credit card. In the same fashion, additional fees may be charged for any property damage or any other damage costs caused by the card holder.


Mi tarjeta de credito caduca antes de la convención ¿Hay algún problema?

If you are planning to use them for any payment during the Con, indeed it´s going to be!

Furrnion will never collect or gather in any way information regarding your credit card. Any payment you do with it will be strict business between your bank and the other party´s bank.

Hotel related payments will be strict business between your bank and the hotel´s bank.


¿Qué lugar es el mejor para quedar con amigos que no suelo ver?

Most hotel common areas are nearby, your friends are going to be very hard to miss! Personally, we recommend you either the gardens or the bar.


¿Hay cargo adicional por aparcar en el hotel?

Hotel has it´s own parking in the basement. Parking fee is 6€ per day (50% off for Furrnion attendants).


¿Puedo hacer una fiesta en mi habitación?

You may, as long as the rest of your roommates are ok with it and you all keep it down after 00:00 AM


¿Hay frigoríficos o microondas en el hotel?

Rooms have minibar services, but their size is small.


¿Puedo casarme en la convención?

There have been people who have proposed to their mates at Cons! Why not being the first taking the next step? Sorry, organizing that up is on your account, though. and mandatory wedding cake for Furrnion staff!

If you are planning on getting married here, please fill this form.


¿Dónde puedo proponer nuevas cosas para la convención?

We are friendly people! We´re always open to new proposals! You may use contact form, and offer us your ideas! We will contact you as soon as possible!

And if you want to propose your own activity during the Con, there is a specially dedicated page for that in our website: Propose your own activity


¿Necesito un fursuit para ir a Furrnion?

Of course not! You don´t need a fursuit to attend our Con. As long as you enjoy furry and meeting old and new people, that´s all you need!


¿Puedo llevar un cosplay que no sea un fursuit?

Sure thing! Come and have fun cosplaying! Just be aware that some activities may be restricted to fursuiters only. Also, if your cosplay includes weapons of any kind, make sure to check the Weapons Policy first. If you have any doubts, just ask!


¿Puedo participar en el desfile de fursuits aunque no tenga uno?

No; you are required to wear a fursuit, wether full or partial, to attend the fursuit parade. Only exception is any fursuiter assistant who´s help essential for the fursuiter during the parade.

If you have any doubts, send us a photo of your fursuit and we will let you know!


¿Puedo filmar o hacer fotografias?

As general rule, yes, as long as you respect everyone´s intimacy and you do it in public areas or in areas where it hasn´t been specifically prohibited. We recommend you to check the dedicated section of the Con rules.


¿Y si no quiero que tomen fotografías de mí?

It´s a public event, access to media will be restricted. If you are still concerned about your image being taken, get a fursuit! All joking aside, if you dont want your image to be taken, ask the photographer politely to delete them. For further information, please check the specific section of the Con rules.


¿Puedo subir fotos o videos que haga en la convención a mi web o red social?

Yes, as long as it´s not for commercial purposes and as long as there is not written petition from anyone requesting his/her image to be taken out of them. If that was the case and to avoid legal conflicts, we advise you to not do so.

Again, we urge you to check the proper section off the Con rules for more information on this regard.


Quiero ayudar ¿Cómo puedo ser voluntario?

If you want to volunteer during the Con, stay alert. We´ll be telling you how to apply for volunteer, so stay alert!